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Yoga Seminar

Light 4 life supports our dearest PM Mr. Narendra Modi for his initiative of adopting 21st June as International Yoga Day (IYD).

In honour of IYD, we at 'Light 4 Life' have organised a Yoga Seminar. 

Happy Yoga Day!!

* No prior yoga experience necessary.

The seminar is to draw attention towards all Dimension/ Elements of Yoga.

Yoga is much more than Power Yoga and Panayams. Other dimensions like Chakras, Mudras, Kriyas, Meditation and Internal Yoga have equal relevance in Yoga to lead a healthy life.

Discover the Benefits :-
-> Reduce Stress
-> Improve Mental Clarity
-> Maintain high energy level throughout the day
-> Practice healing meditation

Yoga is not only for Senior Citizen but also for people of all ages. Come one come all and let's celebrate the festival of peace and harmony